Only a limited number of swim lesson's are available for online sign ups. Please call 775-575-2121 for availability.

Preschool level ages 3 to 4 (no experience)

Sand Shark ~ Level 1 ages 3 to 5 (comfortable with water)

Tiger Shark ~ Level 2 ages 5 to 7 (some form of swim, ex. doggie paddle 3 yards)

Hammerhead Shark ~ Level 3 ages 6 to 8 (swim beginner freestyle and backstroke more than 5 yards)

Great White Shark  ~ Level 4 ages 8 to 9 (swim freestyle, backstroke, and beginner breaststroke 25 yards)

Level 5 ages 8+ (Swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and beginner butterfly)   swim team preparation

Level 6 Adult Stroke Development (call for details)

Private Lessons are at the Bottom.

Ages listed are a range not a standard, children all progress differently. Any child 3 and older that can complete the level requirements can be placed in that level.


Swim Lesson Bookings

Next class sessions will start ...

Online sign-ups Feb. 4th

Times Offered

*CLOSED February 18th Presidents' day moved to Friday 22nd*

6:00-6:25 PM ( Mondays and Wednesdays )

Parent and Me at 5:30 to 5:55 PM

Feb. 11th through Mar. 3rd

10:00-10:25 AM ( Tuesdays and Thursdays )

Parent and Me at 10:00 to 10:25 AM

Feb. 12th through Mar. 4th

Please come in 30 Minutes early on the first day for evaluations for levels.

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Parent and Me Swim Lesson and Adult

All purchases are final. No refunds.

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