Level 6 Adult Stroke Development


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8 Lessons that are 25 minutes each
Level 1 3 years and up
Be comfortable in the water w/o parent
Student submerges underwater
Goals to Pass Assisted floats
Move 5 feet through water
Level 2 4-7 years old
Learns beginning strokes
Unassisted floats
Breathing control
Goals to Pass Roll from stomach to back
Swim unassisted using combined arm & leg action
Level 3 6 years and up
Rotary breathing
Goals to Pass Front and back crawl
Glides & Tread water
Level 4 8 years and up
Front and back crawl
Breast stroke
Goals to Pass Feet first surface dive
Adequate swimming of all 4 strokes
Level 5 9 years and up
Flip turns
Refinement of strokes


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