Fernley Swimming Pool

Masters Swim Team

Our Master's program is designed for you in mind!  Our master's program helps you build a more effective workout while improving your strokes.  Our Masters program is here to make a fun and enjoyable atmosphere while making the best out of your workout.  Call Fernley Swimming Pool for more information 775-575-2121.

Northern nevada Aquatics  Click Here for Web link

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Northern Nevada Aquatics is to provide children and adults of all ages with the opportunity to train and compete in water sports in a structured environment.  We will be conducive to making them better able to complete in the water using state of the art training techniques..  We will help our members become the best athletes that they want to be.


It is belief of Northern Nevada Aquatics that an athlete needs a positive supportive environment in which to thrive and make swim training a desire, not a chore.  by emphasizing positive values, a positive attitude and a sense of personal responsibility, success as a person, as a student and as an athlete can be achieved.

Call Head Coach Erik Scalise for more information at 775-331-0123

Fernley High School

Swim Team

Our local Fernley High School Swim team is full of inspiring, hard working athletes.  

The team only competes seasonal, for more information call Fernley High School at (775) 575-3400.